In May 2021, the new Working Life Portal was launched. The portal also enables to access the information system of the Labour Inspectorate - TEIS, which assists companies in creating a good work environment for their employees.

Launched nine years ago, the Working Life Portal is the largest public online platform providing employment, safety and health information for workers, employers, young people entering the labour market, start-ups and people with special needs. Every year, over half a million people visit the portal.

A lot has changed in nine years. The new portal is mobile-friendly, its design supports finding information, and all of the information in the portal has been checked, so that it would meet today’s needs and be up-do-date. The portal is based on Drupal platform.


Employees, employers, service providers as well as young people just starting their working lives will find interesting reads and topics from the portal. The portal offers instructional materials, information about current topics in working life (e.g., coronavirus and working life, remote working, etc.) and shares news and information about events connected to working life.

Via the Working Life Portal, you can also access the self-service environment of the Labour Inspectorate - TEIS ( The goal of TEIS is to simplify the relations between the Labour Inspectorate and employers and decrease the administrative burden of companies. In the self-service, employers can take the first steps of creating a good working environment, e.g., designate a working environment specialist who deals with occupational health and safety at the company. If the risks of the work environment have been assessed in the company, the risk analysis can be uploaded in self-service, thus notifying the Labour Inspectorate that the company has fulfilled the risk analysis obligation.



Development partners:

Tripledev and Trinidad Wiseman


The application is funded by the European Social Fund, project "Developing a Sustainable Work Environment, 2014-2020"