Hispaania lipp
03. aug 2023

Cross-border health data exchange now available with Spain

Starting from 3rd of August 2023 ePrescription and Patient Summary data exchange is open with Spain. Until now the cross-border ePrescription service has already been available with Finland, Poland, Croatia and Portugal.

17. jul 2023

INNA, a tool for the evaluation of medicinal product names, is now available

The e-services section on the State Agency of Medicines website now includes INNA, a tool for the evaluation of medicinal product names, which helps assess the suitability of invented names of medicinal products applied for in Estonia. The web application developed by TEHIK aims to reduce the time spent on evaluating medicinal product names and increase the quality of decisions and services.

Poola lipp
13. mar 2023

Polish people can now buy their prescription drugs from Estonian pharmacies

If until now, Estonian pharmacies could issue ePrescription drugs prescribed in Finland, Portugal and Croatia, Poland has now also been added to the list. Thanks to cross-border data exchange, ePrescription drugs prescribed by Estonian doctors can also be purchased in all the countries listed above.

covid tõend
01. jul 2022

COVID certificates are still needed for travelling

In Estonia, the obligation to verify COVID certificates has been lifted as of today, but restrictions must still be taken into account when travelling. Depending on the country, the restrictions may still include the verification of COVID certificates.

01. jul 2022

Smart time finder solution launched in the national e-booking system

A new time finder solution for finding doctors’ appointments has been launched in the national e-booking system. Provisionally, the time finder is looking for specialist appointments for the six most in-demand services in five medical institutions.

hoia äpp
01. jul 2022

As of May, HOIA app will be deactivated

As of 2 May, the HOIA mobile phone app will cease to function, after having been downloaded by more than 300,000 Estonians and having been used to notify users that they had come into close contact with individuals who had been infected with COVID-19.

Eesti avaandmete portaal
01. jul 2022

As of May, the Health Board will stop publishing daily COVID-19 statistics, providing a weekly overview of the infection situation

As of May, PCR testing in Estonia will focus on risk groups, which is why there is no longer a need to communicate the number of daily positive tests. A more comprehensive view of the spread of infectious diseases can be found in the Health Board's weekly summary, which is published every Tuesday.

01. jul 2022

TEHIK opened a new office

Estonia's fastest growing IT building – the Health and Welfare Information Systems Centre (TEHIK)  opened a new modern office in a historic limestone building.