Estonia's fastest growing IT building – the Health and Welfare Information Systems Centre (TEHIK)  opened a new modern office in a historic limestone building.

According to the director of the institution Margus Arm, there were several reasons for moving. "Today, we have nearly 200 people who are developing various vital IT solutions for 1.3 million Estonians. They simply did not have enough space in the former building," said Arm.

During its five years of operation, TEHIK has grown by about a quarter in terms of the number of employees each year and will continue to do so this year.


According to Margus Arm, smart IT solutions are an integral part of modern society and Estonians have high demands concerning these solutions. "Of course, the precondition for the new office was that it would meet all modern working conditions and we would be able to offer our people similar opportunities as the private sector, with which we undoubtedly compete in terms of both staff and benefits," said Arm.


Instead of the former 1,300 m2 office building on Uus-Tatari Street, TEHIK's new, newly renovated rental space at Pärnu maantee 132 has three floors and a net area of ​​almost 3,000 m2. In addition, opportunities for hybrid work have been created, and principles of ergonomic working environment have been taken into account.

The space has plenty of meeting rooms and a spacious lounge area, 3.5-meter ceilings, historic limestone walls and hundreds of lush plants. It is an energy efficient building with 117 solar panels on its roof. The interior design of the office was created by interior design bureau LÄVI.


According to Tarmo Roos, the CEO of the building company Mapri Ehitus, the cost of the renovation works was almost 3 million euros. ”It is a building with a dignified history, which has housed a leather factory, a textile factory and a printing house. In cooperation with TEHIK, we have brought a whole new vibe to this house, now the house is filled with innovation, and the development of the future e-Estonia is being carried out here,” said Roos.

The search for the new TEHIK building began in September 2019, when the rental spaces offered on the market were thoroughly examined and the state’s real estate development and management company Riigi Kinnisvara AS was contacted to ensure that all offers were taken into account in order to find the best possible solution in terms of resources and suitability.


TEHIK develops various IT-services in the field of health, social security and labour in the governance of the Ministry of Social Affairs. The Centre manages more than 40 state databases, and various services are created for the whole of Estonia - directly for citizens, state agencies as well as for tens of thousands of health care workers and local governments.

Thanks to the information systems developed by the Centre, more than three billion euros a year are transferred to the bank accounts of Estonian people in the form of various benefits, allowances and pensions. TEHIK is a technological leader in the country in terms of both cloud solutions and micro-services.