In Estonia, the obligation to verify COVID certificates has been lifted as of today, but restrictions must still be taken into account when travelling. Depending on the country, the restrictions may still include the verification of COVID certificates.

“Technically, the possibility of creating and verifying certificates remains,” explained Margus Arm, Director of the Health and Welfare Information Systems Center (TEHIK). “Although the certificate is no longer required when visiting a café in Estonia, it may still be necessary in popular travel destinations such as Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Portugal or Croatia, as the obligation to verify the certificate has not been lifted in these countries.“

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More detailed information of different countries can be found on the webpage Reisi Targalt (

The application, created for checking COVID certificates, will remain open in order to check the validity of your certificate before going on a trip. TEHIK will also continue to inform people about the expiry of their certificates. "Currently, 650,000 people have a valid COVID vaccination certificate, but they are gradually expiring, so it is important to check the validity of the certificate before travelling," said Arm.

All the created certificates can be seen in the Patient Portal. Certificates can be created after vaccination, after having had COVID-19 or after testing negative for COVID 19. still enables to create COVID certificates and save them in a digital form or print them out.

The government has lifted the requirement of verifying COVID certificates, as the ten-day average number of new patients requiring hospitalisation for severe COVID-19 fell below 25 yesterday.