In the spring of 2020, TEHIK completed the new self-service of the Labour Inspectorate.

The self-service is mainly directed for employers, who can forward information about their representatives of work environment to the Labour Inspectorate. This is a service that considerably simplifies the proceedings for the employers, as when registering a representative, some blanks have already been filled with information that has been given to the state beforehand. The self-service also has information about the workers of the company; therefore, it only takes a moment to designate a work environment representative.  

If supervision proceedings are initiated about a company, the employer can:

  • submit documents to the Labour Inspectorate;
  • demonstrate the elimination of the deficiencies found during an evaluation;
  • communicate with the labour inspector about making the workplace safer for the employees.

Further developments

In spring 2021, a new service was opened – the risk assessment tool for work environments. Starting from March 1, 2021, it is possible to upload a risk analysis, and starting from April 2021, work environment risks can be assessed by the new service. The risk analysis module was modelled after the Irish BeSmart solution, which has been adapted and developed to the conditions in Estonia. After completing the risk analysis, the employer can create an action plan for mitigating and eliminating risks. In addition to other services, the tool for risk analysis will be developed further according to the feedback of users and the financial possibilities.  

New possibilities

In 2021-2022, two new services will be added – in case of accidents at work, the proceedings can be completed at the self-service according to the guidelines. As many processes as possible will be automated, and blanks containing information already known to the state will be prefilled.
In addition, in 2022, the service of labour dispute applications will be opened, and both the employer and the employee can participate in resolving the dispute via the self-service.  


The goal of TEHIK is to use modern technology and offer services through the Government Cloud. The Government Cloud enables to use the management system of containers - Kubernetes. Thanks to this, we have been able to perform quick sprints with our partner to create smaller services. The entire process has been more flexible than projects based on older solutions. A cloud solution based on micro-services has certainly already proven itself. Systems based on similar principles are used by today's large IT giants such as Netflix, Spotify or Google. For example, the delivery of new functionalities to the service environment can take place even in the middle of the working day. For example, when the Government Cloud upgraded the operating system of the servers, there were no interruptions in our services. It is important that the Labour Inspectorate could continue to work smoothly. Ensuring this is our priority.

Development partners

  • Tripledev
  • Trinidad Wiseman

Development codes are stored in the code repository