TALIS – the information system of the Health Board's laboratories helps to get rid of obsolete technological solutions in the fields of food chemistry, microbiology, cosmetics and clinical microbiology, and enables the transition to electronic procedures, higher service quality and cost savings through new technological solutions.

What will be improved?

As a result of the project, TALIS will be introduced in new areas, as a result of which the work processes will be harmonised, the quality of services will increase, and supervision will become more efficient. In the areas covered, the preparation of test reports and invoices will become electronic, and the sending of documents will be automated. This helps to save the time of lab workers and reduce postage costs. The customers will receive the results of the ordered surveys immediately after the surveys have been completed.


Latest developments

  • A unified information system has been developed for all the laboratories of the Health Board and people have been trained to use it. The operations performed so far on paper have been digitised. The obsolete system used so far has been abandoned and efforts have been made to harmonise work processes.
  • As a result of the project, the functionality of phase III of the laboratory information system of the Health Board will be developed. TALIS will be introduced in the following areas: water, toys, physical examinations, air analyses and materials examinations. Interfaces with external systems will also be implemented.

Time frame

TALIS has been used since January 2020.
TALIS will be
introduced in the new areas by July 2021 at the latest.




Quretec OÜ


The project is funded by the EU Regional Development Fund.

Stage II: allocated support: 334,288.00 EUR

Stage III: allocated support: 347,179.00 EUR