EESSI (Electronic Exchange of Social Security Information) is an information system for the electronic exchange of social security data between the national authorities of the European Union and the European Economic Area in the field of social protection and health.

Project goals and activities

The goal of the project managed by TEHIK is to integrate the EESSI RINA case management system with the work processes of SKAIS2 family benefits system.

The software components of the EESSI system are:

  • central system (CSN);
  • points of access (AP);
  • case management systems of national authorities (RINA or other solutions).

RINA is an example information system developed by the European Commission for communication and case management within the EESSI system.


Who uses the system?

Using RINA is not mandatory, but all the 4 authorities of Estonia participating in the EESSI have decided to use RINA:

  • Social Insurance Board
  • Estonian Health Insurance Fund
  • Estonian Tax and Customs Board
  • Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund

The Estonian access point and most of the RINAs (except Estonian Unemployment Insurance Fund) are hosted and managed by TEHIK.

What was improved?

As RINA did not meet the needs of the officials, family benefit managers faced various problems, such as:

  • due to the lack of a desktop, it was difficult to manage and fin its cases in RINA, as well as to understand which cases have not yet been answered:
  • filling in documents (SED) manually in RINA was time consuming, and different problems occurred in saving data in RINA (session expired, the version of a document was changed while saving it); 
  • In RINA, it was difficult to understand if the content of a previously sent document (SED) had been changed by another country, as the original date of sending the SED displayed did not change and the change only became apparent when the SED was opened.

After the integration development, work processes became more convenient and logical for officials, because:

  • officials can now find out about new incoming EU cases and documents (SEDs) through the tasks in SKAIS2;
  • due to the availability of the SKAIS2 overview, officials no longer have to keep separate accounts for EU cases; 
  • the documents created in RINA will be automatically prefilled with data in SKAIS2.

Why is it necessary?

In a year, the Social Insurance Board exchanges about 60,000 messages in the EESSI system, and about 10,000 in the family benefits system. The cases exchanged with Finland account for about 70% of the total volume of Estonian EESSI messages.


The contracting entity of the project is the Social Insurance Board.  
Cooperation partners: Nortal, Trinidad Wiseman, Telia. 


Funded by Connecting Europe Facility.