Thanks to TEHIK, most if the employees of the Labour Inspectorate took their work to the new employees’ application in the spring of 2020.

The former application developed in 2003 had become obsolete and its development was not reasonable. This is why a new employees’ app was created, where all the assistive e-services for employees will be consolidated in the future. For the time of the launch of the employees’ application, the standard monitoring module was completed, where many processes had been automated for the officials and more information could be retrieved from other registers (e.g., Employment Register or Business Register). In addition, a special tablet view has been created for monitoring work environment, which fastens and simplifies the working environment control process in the facilities of companies.

This helps to save the time of both the labour inspectors and the employers. Upon noticing a flaw, it can be photographed or filmed in one click, and it can be forwarded to the employer, who then has the possibility to forward materials proving the elimination of the flaw. What is most important is the fact that the work of inspectors has become faster and more goal oriented. Therefore, the improved surveillance makes it possible to contribute to a safer work environment for everyone.


New possibilities

In 2021-2022, three new services will be opened for government officials – the surveillance module for transport companies, the module for work disputes and the module for work accidents and occupational illnesses.

Read more about the new developments here.

The development of the employees’ application is ongoing and in the upcoming years, all the old systems will be closed and the one and central application will remain.  


The goal of TEHIK is to use modern technology and offer services through the Government Cloud. The Government Cloud enables to use the management system of containers - Kubernetes. Thanks to this, we have been able to perform quick sprints with our partner to create smaller services. Systems based on similar principles are used by today's large IT giants such as Netflix, Spotify or Google. For example, the delivery of new functionalities to the service environment takes place when the application administrator gets the time for it. It can even happen in the middle of the working day. This is important in the viewpoint of human resources as well as for the Labour Inspectorate, who can continue their work without interruptions.  

Development partners:

Tripledev and Trinidad Wiseman


The application is funded by the European Social Fund, project "Developing a Sustainable Work Environment, 2014-2020"