Thanks to TEHIK, most if the employees of the Labour Inspectorate took their work to the new employees’ application in the spring of 2020.

The previous application, which was launched in 2003, had reached the end of its life and further development was not feasible. For this reason, a new officials’ application was developed where all the e-services supporting the work of public servants will be moved in the future. At the time of the launch of the officials’ application, a standard module for conducting supervision proceedings was in place, with several processes already automated for the inspector along with the possibility to retrieve more information from other registers (eg employment register or commercial register). In addition, a special tablet view has been designed for supervising the working environment, making the on-site working environment inspection process in companies faster and easier. What is most important is that the work of inspectors is now faster and better targeted, allowing for more effective supervision that contributes to creating a safer working environment for everyone.

Over the span of five years of development, a significant number of services have been developed to streamline the work of the officials of the Labour Inspectorate:

  • Module for conducting supervision proceedings;
  • Modules for working environment representatives and risk assessment;
  • Module for supervision of transport companies;
  • Module for processing occupational accidents, occupational diseases and work-related illnesses;
  • Module for supervision of the employment of minors;
  • Module for registration of communication of posted workers.

New possibilities

We will continue to develop new services as well as improve existing services in the officials’ application based on user feedback and financial possibilities. An ongoing key objective is to ensure that in the coming years only one central application remains, and all old systems are discontinued.

In 2024, an automatic notification solution will be completed to facilitate the work of officials. This solution will notify company representatives of employer’s obligations without the intervention of inspectors. Additionally, the supervision proceedings module for supervision of construction sites will be further developed. The labour dispute processing module is also awaiting analysis and development.


TEHIK has set itself the objective of ensuring that the self-service is based on modern technology to the greatest extent possible and is hosted in the Government Cloud. The State Cloud allows the use of the container orchestration tool Kubernetes. Thanks to this, we have had the opportunity to perform fast sprints with our partner in the development of smaller services. Systems based on similar principles are used by today's big IT giants such as Netflix, Spotify or Google. For example, the delivery of new functionalities to the production environment takes place whenever the application administrator finds the time, even in the middle of the working day. This is essential not only for human resource efficiency but also for the Labour Inspectorate to be able to continue its work smoothly.

Development partners:

TripleDev and Trinidad Wiseman


With the support of the terms and conditions for granting support from the European Social Fund ‘Development of a working environment that maintains and sustains working capacity 2014–2020’.

With the support of the call for proposals ‘Development of ICT in public services of government agencies and agencies managed by them – 21.03.2018–31.07.2023’ of the European Union Structural Funds measure 2014–2020.12.3 ‘Development of offering public services’.

Conditions for granting support from the European Social Fund+ ‘Development of a working environment that values occupational health and safety’, within the framework of project No. 2021–2027.4.03.22-0001 (SFOS).

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