The project created an application for managing the lists of raw data and laboratory analyses encoded in the LOINC standard.

As a result of the project, a solution has been created for harmonising the coding, terminology and names of laboratory analyses nationwide. As a result, medical laboratories use common terminology, and parties using the results of analyses can be confident that the analysis with a specific LOINC code is the same in each laboratory.



As a result, a web application for e-laboratory management, web-based data retrieval services, X-tee services and RSS feeds for notifying about changes were introduced. The application allows medical laboratories to keep their list of services up to date. As a result, the responsibility for managing the research lists rests with the laboratories, and changes to the research lists reach the data users in a timely manner.

It is possible to manage the lists of laboratory analyses through a web application, but in order to make the work processes more efficient, it is reasonable to implement the services of the X-tee application with the laboratory information systems, the descriptions of which are available in the instructions folder of the Publication Centre and in RIHA.

The application can be accessed here:


The solution has been used since 01.09.2018  

The project has been funded by the EU Regional Development Fund. Allocated support: 124,700 EUR.