The maintenance allowance of up to 100 euros is paid by the Social Insurance Board to a child or his or her guardian whose parent or parents do not fulfil the maintenance obligation on the basis of the Family Benefits Act. At the moment, maintenance allowance can be applied for through court proceedings or execution proceedings.

Due to the amendment to the Family Benefits Act, the payment of maintenance in case of bankruptcy proceedings will be added. This means that maintenance will be paid to children whose parents are involved in bankruptcy proceedings.

The new service will be developed proactively, i.e., the Social Insurance Board will start approaching eligible persons, which will ensure that users receive a quick and easy way to receive support. With the new development, the process of paying maintenance allowance based on execution proceedings will also become more flexible and the administrative burden of related parties will be reduced.

In order to improve the new maintenance service and the existing services, TEHIK performed an analysis of the service, which gave an input for the development of a new maintenance service, and the improvement of the process during court and execution proceedings.


As a result of the analysis, a document of the maintenance payment service was prepared together with the detailed description of the work and the volume estimation. The analysis describes solutions for the proactive provision of the new service, as well as ideas for improving the availability of the existing services and reducing the administrative burden.

As a result of the development project, a technical solution for the maintenance allowance service of bankruptcy proceedings will be completed, which will enable the state to pay maintenance to a legitimate target group. In addition, the process of paying maintenance during execution proceedings will become more flexible, while reducing the administrative burden of the related parties.


The total cost of the analysis is 84,054.60 euros, of which 85% will be funded from the European structural fund project “Maintenance Allowance Service Analysis“.

The total cost of the development is 482, 577.00 euros and the estimated time of completion is the III quarter of 2022. The eligibility period is from 17.09.2021 to 31.08.2022.




Development partner

AS Helmes

Time frame

The analysis was completed between 20.01-15.03.2021

The development will be completed between 28.09.21- 29.07.2022