The Register of Medicinal Products is a state register, the purpose of which is to keep account of all medicinal products and their packages sold in Estonia. For creating a more user-friendly and modern environment, the webpage of the Register of Medicinal Products was renewed in 2020.

During the upgrade, the search system became much more convenient, making it easier to search for information related to medicines from both the phone and the computer. For the process, a working group was established consisting of family physicians, citizens and pharmacists, who tested the new solution in web and mobile view.

The upgraded version of the register only searces medicines with a sales licence. If no results are found, the register also offers the possibility to search drugs from the list of unauthorised medicines with just one click based on the same parameters. You can find the virtual information sheet of all medicines with a sales licence from the Register of Medicinal Products with just one click. The upgraded Register of Medicinal Products enables the user to see the information sheet wherever: at home, at a friend’s, in a bus or in a waiting line to see a doctor. The convenient usage of the system is mobile friendly and finding data has become faster and easier.  


Which information can be found in the register?

The Register of Medicinal Products includes basic data for each medicinal product, for example active substance, pharmaceutical form, and strength. The register also contains data about the reimbursement of the medicinal product: the limit price in Estonia and the last date of import. Summary of product characteristics and package leaflet are added to all authorised medicinal products.
The Register of Medicinal Products can be used by doctors, pharmacists, and patients.  The register is also available in English.

Development partners

  • Helmes
  • Medisoft