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TEHIK manages over 40 databases, thanks to which we can create essential e-services for almost 1,3 million people. For that, we use state-of-the-art and secure infotechnological solutions and cooperate with the best companies of private sector.

We make the essential e-services in the fields of health, social security and labour accessible for all and work towards solutions that are fast, simple and hassle-free. We value time and we believe people should not spend unnecessary time for communicating with the state.

Health / Technology
Prototype for fixed-price medicines

Creating a supervisory risk model and prototype for fixed-price medicines. The goal of the project is to ensure the sales of cheaper fixed-price medicines in pharmacies, so that the patients could always choose the most favourable solution.

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Health / Technology
Implementation of personalised medicine in Estonia

TEHIK and the National Institute for Health Development together with other partners are implementing the project „Personalised Medicine in Estonia“ (2019–2022), preparing for the wider use of genetic data by doctors and nurses.

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Health / Technology
MEIS - the management system of the Health Board

Before 2023, the work process of the compliance officers of the Health Board is based on the logic of document management. This means, for example, that it was unnecessarily time-consuming for the Health Board as well as for co-operation partners and participants in the proceedings to collect and resolve applications, to carry out procedural steps, to assess and inform about the prevention of potential dangers and risks, and to apply a penalty payment and forward precepts to a bailiff.

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Portal for open data of COVID-19

Health and Welfare Information Systems Centre of Estonia manages the portal where all Covid-19 related open data are published. The machine readable digital open data can be freely used by all without restrictions. In addition to files, the environment has datasets, methodology descriptions and guidelines on how to download the data, for example, to Microsoft Excel. All this information is variable over time, meaning the manageable open data services are in constant development, therefore methodology, datasets, the format of databases, their shape and form may change over time. The datasets are available in the machine-readable JSON format and in the CSV format. Metadata is published in JSON Schema format. The datasets are renewed once a week, on Tuesdays between 12:00-12:30. You can find the official visualisations of Covid-19 datasets here.

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