The procurement team of TEHIK manages the public procurements in the field of ICT on behalf of all the institutions governed by the Ministry of Social Affairs. For the more effective organisation of our work, the procurements in other fields are managed by the State Shared Service Centre. The computers, monitors and printers for offices are procured by the Centre for Registers and Information Systems. Sometimes we also conduct joint procurements for other ICT equipment.

The procurements exceeding the price limit of simple procurements are organised in the procurement register.

The procedure for organising small purchases can be found in our procurement plan and the section of small purchases.

We renew our procurement plan quarterly in order to ensure a timely detailed overview about the organised procurements. The valid procurement plan for 2022 can be seen here.

In managing procurements, we follow the Public Procurement Act and our valid Guidelines for Procurements.

You can send the questions concerning procurements to our e-mail [email protected].