The purpose of the national e-booking system is to make it easier for people to find an appointment to a specialist doctor. This solution gives the patient the freedom to choose and book appointments from one place without having to call different medical facilities or use different appointment booking environments of health care service providers.

How it works

  • The national e-booking system is a booking environment for the appointments to special doctors in the Patient Portal
  • In one view, the user can book, cancel or change the initial appointment of a specialist in all healthcare institutions that have joined this solution.
  • All medical institutions, including private medical institutions who want people to see and be able to book appointments to a specialist at their medical institution through a nationwide e-booking system, can join the service.
  • In addition to appointments paid by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund, paid services can also be booked at the national e-booking system. The rule applies that only one appointment can be booked for services paid for by the EHIF, both with and without a referral.