At the moment, the work process of the compliance officers of the Health Board is based on the logic of document management. This means, for example, that it is unnecessarily time-consuming for the Health Board as well as for co-operation partners and participants in the proceedings to collect and resolve applications, to carry out procedural steps, to assess and inform about the prevention of potential dangers and risks, and to apply a penalty payment and forward precepts to a bailiff.

There is a need for operative and comprehensive management system, the creation of which has been started by TEHIK.  


The aim of the project is to create a new management information system for the Health Board on the basis of the TEIS monitoring module, which supports work processes and helps to plan and carry out supervision proceedings and make management decisions on the basis of the collected data.

Work processes shall be optimised, and harmonised, and procedural acts shall be consolidated into a unified information system. This enables to increase the share of paperless documentation and ensure the unified quality of data and services, and also save time. The risks of managing paper documents shall also decrease.


Project time frame


Development partner



The project is funded by the European Regional Development Fund.

Allocated support: 466,480.00 €