Since August 2022, the information system of the Health Board has a new content and form. Today, the information system includes the state register of health care workers, the state register of activity licenses for the provision of health care services, and the state register of pharmacists. The new unified database will be called the Information System for Health Management (MEDRE 2).

What has been done?

With this development, we followed the principles that Estonian public e-services must be modernised and meet uniform quality requirements.


As a result of the project, public services were developed into a unified whole, necessary processing links were created, processes were automated, and the self-service possibility was developed. Proceedings are now as paperless and as event-based as possible.  

The consumers of the service no longer have to send documents by e-mail to the Health Board, they can now use the self-service. In creating the new information system, e-services that had been partly or fully automated were used for providing public services. 98% of the procedures connected to the register are paperless. The new system makes it possible to improve the efficiency of the work of the Health Board and improve the quality of data – a task that we will continue with next year.

The goals of the project

The project will result in developing a common register and information system, where:

  • proceedings are event-based;
  • e-services have been modernised and they comply with quality requirements;
  • paperless proceedings form 98% of the processes;
  • making decisions is supported by necessary statistics;
  • updating information is automated;
  • work processes have been optimised;
  • the time spent on proceedings has been reduced by 50-65 per cent.

Using MEDRE2 reduces the time spent on proceedings by 2,664 hours a year, which helps to save 28,738 euros a year (based on average pay of a corresponding specialist). The solution helps to save 4,004 hours of customers’ time, saving 71,434 euros a year (based on average pay of a doctor).

The results of the project goals will be measurable in three years, as the launch of the new voluminous information system will result in the increase of workload at the beginning and getting used to the new system will take its time.

Time frame

The works related to the project were implemented between September 2019 to July 2022. 


AS Reach-U


The project is funded by the EU Regional Development Fund with 498,020 euros.