The health information system is a central national database that enables health care service providers, e.g., doctors and nurses, to exchange data and see the data inserted by other medical professionals. Health care service providers are obligated to insert the data to the health information system.  

The data in the health information system is also visible to the patient via the Health Portal. The health information system was created already in 2008. The owner of the database or the controller of the database is the Ministry of Social Affairs, who has authorised TEHIK to develop and manage the system.

How it works

The health information system helps to improve and fasten the information exchange between medical professionals. The digital database enables family physicians to get access to all the patients in their list and thereby obtain a comprehensive view of the patients. Thanks to the health information system, large-scale medical examination results and descriptions become available to the doctors of any medical institution and family physicians, regardless of where and when the examination was performed. The patient can also see who has viewed his/her data in the health information system. For that, the logbook of the Health Portal has been created.  



Patients can access the health information via the Health Portal. In the Health Portal, the user can see their health data, submit declarations of intent, designate representatives, and perform actions for those who have authorised them to do so.

Security is an important part of the development of the health information system containing health data, and therefore major investments have been done in the security solutions of the system. The health information system has the highest-level security, which minimizes the possibility of cyber-attacks.

In June 2020, a decision was made based on the regulation by the minister about updating the health information systemThe new generation health information system (upTIS) will be created. The goal is to renew both the technical side of the system, the general operating logic of e-health. and documentation principles.

Latest developments


Phase I of the data viewer of the health information system

What is it? Healthcare professionals spend a lot of time retrieving data from the health information system to get a comprehensive overview of a patient's health status. Data viewer allows to visualise data in a way that makes it much easier to access it. The user can move dynamically from one view to another, set filters to narrow/expand the composition of the displayed data, display graphs for specific data to illustrate the dynamics of the data, and more.


The goal of the project is to ensure a more effective solution for displaying health data in the health information system and connected databases.

Result. As a result of the project, the functionality of phase I of the health information system’s data viewer will be developed, which will mainly focus on the results of medical analysis and immunization data. After implementing the functionality of phase I of the data viewer, healthcare professionals will be able to get an overview of the dynamics of laboratory tests and immunisation data based on the data of the health information system at an estimated five times faster than before.

Time frame

Phase I of the data viewer is ready for implementation in the information systems of healthcare providers by no later than in August 2021.


Health care service providers


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