Movement of health data between Estonia and other European countries

In 2017, European countries (including Estonia) launched a project the purpose of which is to implement sustainable exchange of cross-border health data in Europe.

The primary purpose is to launch two services concerning health data:

  • Forwarding the summary of patient’s health data: enables to forward the summary of the most important medical data to a medical worker in another country and display the data in local language, thus enabling to offer effective and high-quality treatment.

  • Cross-border digital prescription that enables the patient to buy the prescribed medicines in a pharmacy of another country and forward the information of payment to the prescription centre of the patient’s home country.

Forwarding the summary of patient’s health data

Cross-border digital prescription

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Forwarding the summary of patient's health data makes it possible to transmit a summary of the patient's most important medical data to a healthcare worker in another country and to display these data translated into the local language to the healthcare worker, thus ensuring higher quality and more effective treatment.

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A cross-border digital prescription allows the patient to buy the prescribed medication in another pharmacy in the country covered by the service and to transmit the sales information to the prescription center of the patient's home country.

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With which countries does data exchange currently work?

Country Digital prescription service for Estonian citizens abroad Digital prescription service for a foreign citizen in Estonia Patient summary service for Estonian citizens abroad Patient summary service for a foreign citizen in Estonia
Croatia ✔️ ✔️
Luxembourg ✔️

Portugal (list of pharmacies offering the service)

✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
France ✔️
Finland ✔️ ✔️


Estonia ensures its citizens the forwarding of digital prescriptions and the summary of patient’s health data to other countries that have joined the service.

Estonian pharmacists can also make queries and sell drugs based on the digital prescriptions of the citizens of other countries. Health care workers can extract summaries of health data of the citizens of other countries.  

The data exchange is organised on the data exchange platform managed by the European Commission.

As of today, 25 European countries have joined the project, who will realise the services in the upcoming years according to local national possibilities. The countries who are not yet participants of the project, may join the network in the upcoming years. The general goal is to launch a pan-European service.


Notifications to patient

A more detailed overview for the patient regarding the processing of their personal data when using the service is described in the patient information sheets.