Cloud technology enables to create solutions that help to scale business services according to necessity. TEHIK is one of the most important and competent implementers of cloud technology in the public sector. This is why we have been able to reject processes that do not create value to our clients and the society.

 Benefits for the state, the citizens and entrepreneurs

  • Infrastructure/resource can be used for implementing large-scale projects with a purpose to guarantee continuous quality services.
  • The cost-effectiveness of the public sector will increase (money is saved on hardware and software investments, and on human resources).
  • The competence of dealing with the hosting and management of information system will improve - competition between authorities over competent people will disappear as the top experts in the field come together and their expertise becomes equally available to all public authorities.
  • Possibility created for enterprises to develop new and innovative information systems and services that are based on the principles of cloud technology and that can be offered for use for the clients of the Government Cloud. The solution can be later exported to other markets.
  • The Government Cloud complies with the highest standard of information system security measures established in Estonia (ISKE H), which must ensure the confidentiality and integrity of the IT infrastructure and information (e.g., sensitive personal data).

How has TEHIK contributed to the implementation of cloud technology? What have we learned?

We have been paying attention to cloud technology since 2018. Starting from the end of 2018 we have been using solutions for container management. Today, we have reached a point where we see that the use of these technologies gives us the opportunity to implement modern development flows. The most problematic issue now is changing the old thought patterns. We are in a similar place to when virtual server cultures started to emerge, and we realise that at this point, time is the best cure. We will get smarter and better over time.

Latest developments

TEHIK has the first services in the production, which are solved in containers and orchestrated with the help of Kubernetes. For example, one of those services is the self-service of the Labour Inspectorate. For the first time, the solution uses workflows to which testings and installation can be organised automatically.  

If we reach a point where using microservices and cloud technology are considered common practice, we can start reviewing projects that can be generalised. Through this, we make the projects even thinner, so that the project of a respective business domain can focus on business. It may happen that we have services administered by us that are necessary for the operation of business domains.