The Health and Welfare Information Systems Centre (TEHIK) is an information and communication technology competence centre in the field of health, social security and labour. We implement the most important IT-projects of the public sector, counsel other state authorities about new developments and ICT-management, and are the pioneers of new technological solutions.

TEHIK was founded on the 1st of January 2017, when the roles and responsibilities of the former ICT department of the Ministry of Social Affairs and the Estonian eHealth Foundation were consolidated. Today, TEHIK is the partner for creating new e-services to the Ministry of Social Affairs, Social Insurance Board, Health Insurance Fund, Health Board, the National Institute for Health Development, the Agency of Medicines, the Labour Inspectorate, Astangu Vocational Rehabilitation Centre, and the Commissioner for Equal Opportunities. TEHIK also has an important role in securing the work of the register of social services and benefits used by local governments. TEHIK also cooperates with the providers of health services, to whom it must guarantee the information exchange with the health information system.

Our main responsibilities are brought out in our Statutes. You can access our public documents here.

Statutes of TEHIK

Invisible heroes

In its four years of operation, TEHIK has grown threefold, which shows that the need for new IT-solutions and their creators is constantly increasing in the state and in the society. Many talented people who are dedicated to their work and proud of their contribution have joined TEHIK. They are the ones to thank for developing easily graspable and convenient services, so that instead of engaging in tedious paperwork, many services can be completed with a few clicks. This is something with which the invisible heroes of TEHIK deal with every day and the reason for which Estonia stands out in the world.

There are times in our lives when we have to communicate with the state – we make sure that the process is smooth, logical, convenient and almost seamless. This why we are known as invisible heroes.

In our work, we observe following values: 

We learn and grow

  • We are curious and eager to learn
  • We keep up with new developments
  • We are looking for new solutions and are goal-oriented
  • We notice mistakes and make suggestions for changes
  • We learn from our mistakes

We know and we can

  • We know the expectations of our clients and offer client-oriented services
  • We contribute to the whole and work according to joint goals
  • We are good at what we do, and we take responsibility
  • We cooperate
  • We stick to agreements
  • We keep the focus and do what is necessary

We speak and we listen

  • We share our knowledge and experience
  • We know that the best solutions are born in a reasoned dialogue
  • We communicate openly and are professional partners to our clients and colleagues
  • We are fair, we respect others, and we expect the same from our partners
  • We notice and acknowledge the contribution of our partners


More than 180 experts of different fields work in TEHIK. They all play an important role for the institution as a whole. We have excellent specialists of e-services and information systems management, wonderful experts of data management and data analytics, exceptional leaders of cyber security, outstanding quality managers, accomplished lawyers and super smart finance specialists.