The solution

50% of people who turn to the Social Insurance Board with their concerns use e-channels for this purpose. Therefore, it may be concluded that clients are ready to use the self-service environment, if it had the information needed by the users.

20% of the inquiries are unnecessary in essence: questions about the payment, the amount, and the transfer of the benefits, etc. The purpose of the solution is to prevent the questions by the clients.

The fragmentation of the current system does not allow the Social Insurance Board to switch to customer-centred service. Our goal is to solve the following problems:

1. The customer service representative does not receive complete information about the customer and must search for information in different information systems. If there was a unified central environment, it would be possible to save 5-7 minutes of processing time per application, i.e., almost 20% of the working time of the customer service representative. A total of 115 customer service representatives work in the Social Insurance Boars, and 500,000 inquiries have been made in the last 9 months.

2. The customer has to communicate with different customer service representatives.  

3. The client has no comprehensive overview of the source documents and communication of their proceedings. For example, on the grounds of the awarded disability decisions or pensions.


The goal of the analysis is to find the best development solution for:

  1. reducing the administrative burden resulting from client inquiries;

  2. reducing the number of inquiries and fasten the processing time;

  3. making the information about the proceedings and the source data of the proceedings (e.g., documents and decisions) available.


Avoiding unnecessary inquiries helps to save the time of customers and the customer service representatives.


What is TEHIK doing?

As a first step, we conduct the analysis of developing the functionality of managing and storing customer inquiries.

The main goal of the analysing the development of the functionality of customer contact management and storage is to find out the best solutions for automating the activities associated with customer contact management.

In the course of the analysis, we look for answers to the questions of how to get a complete overview of customer inquiries, how to find people's inquiries quickly, how to conveniently manage the inquiries, how to assign work tasks easily, and how to avoid additional contacts with people.

As an output of the project, an analysis has been performed for the development of the functionality of managing and storing customer inquiries, in the course of which the user stories and development volume necessary to achieve the goals and the completed prototype of the future solution have been identified.


Funding and time frame

The cost of the analysis is 84,054.84 euros and the project is planned to be completed by the III quarter of 2021. The eligibility period of the project: 07.05.2021 to 30.11.2021.



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